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La Paz Bypass

Driving instructions


Coming from anywhere along the Cabo corridor from San Jose del Cabo, to Cabo San Lucas,  the easiest and quickest route to La Paz is via Hwy 1 from Cabo San Lucas going towards Todos Santos. Go around Todos Santos via the new by pass, and straight into La Paz on Hwy 1. This route is clearly marked and a four lane, limited access highway all the way into La Paz.


Once arriving to the outskirts of La Paz, stay on Hwy 1 until you reach the bridge crossing a wide arroyo. (Dry river bed) Get into the right lane of the three lanes that cross the arroyo. Just as you cross the bridge there is an angled turn off to your right. (See map) Take this road. This highway is a By-Pass that goes completely around the city of La Paz saving you traffic frustration. (If you miss this turn, do not be concerned, just continue driving into town, turn left at 5 February, proceed to the last traffic light before the water, turn right and drive the entire route along the water on out of town until you reach the Costa Baja resort.)


Assuming you make the turn illustrated on the map, just stay on this road 12 to 15 minutes until you come to a left turn only option with a sign that shows Costa Baja to the left. Make the left turn. The resort is less than a mile away.


When arriving to Costa Baja there are two options, one is to turn into the resort the other is to go straight taking you towards the new Hyatt hotel that sits directly across the marina from the Costa Baja resort. Go straight. Do not turn into the Costa Baja resort. Drive past the Hyatt and make a U turn where permitted and drive back past the Hyatt until you see the first dock coming up on your right.  Exit right at the paved option and descend about fifty feet. Make a hard right, almost a complete U turn, and drive to the gravel parking lot parallel to the highway. Island Cat is berthed on Pier F.


If you need help, call Captain Chris on his Mexican mobile at: 612-177-9662.  If he is not available, call Christine on her Mexican office mobile: 624-128-5666.  To dial a Mexican mobile from a U.S. cell phone dial: 011 52 1 and then the number.

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